Exhibitor FAQs

How can I search the FAQs?

When you open up the FAQs popup window, search for the word or phrase you are looking for using ctrl F on a PC or Command + F on a Mac.
This will highlight all instances of that word in the FAQ window.

Can I see what stand design options are available before I start working on the form?

Yes, if you want to decide or check with colleagues which stand design suits you best before you commence completing the form, please download the Virtual Expo Stand Designs PDF here

Will I be able to see a completed version of my stand prior to the show?

Yes, once you have submitted the form and our team have constructed your stand, you will be sent a link to check it and make any amend requests.

Why can’t I see a full preview of my stand when I reach the end of completing my form?

The stand build form is where you provide us the information in order for our team to build your stand ready for the exhibition.

We have made it so that you can preview the colours on the stand for different elements like the walls, but at this stage we are not able to accommodate showing other elements on the stand, such as the logo, embedded video and the strapline text.

The main reason behind this is that until an exhibitor submits the form, these items are not accessible by our system to show by means of a preview. The colour picker system works differently.

We are working to include more elements within the stand preview capability as part of a future release of the Virtual Expo platform.

I have been informed that changes have been made to my stand but I’m not seeing anything different?

To see changes made to your stand, you may very well have to do a “forced refresh” which is intended to clear the cache in the browser so new images and styles will be pulled from the server rather than displayed locally.

To do this, please follow the instructions below as appropriate for your device:

  • Mac users: Hold Cmd and Shift keys, and then press R
  • PC Users: Hold Ctrl key and click refresh icon on your browser
  • iPhone users (Safari): Go to settings > Safari > then scroll down to “Clear History and Website Data” press then press “Clear History and Data”
  • Android users (Chrome): Press the 3 dots menu > History > Clear browsing data > tick “Cookies and site data” AND “Cached images and files”, then press “Clear data”

Can I use a different font for my stand strapline?

Yes, as long as the font you require is in the Google Fonts library.

You can see the Google fonts library at https://fonts.google.com/ here.

Once you have found an alternative font you would like, please let us know by adding the details into the “Additional notes or requests” box near the end of the form.

If you have already submitted your form, please make the request by submitting a support ticket.

What format and size should my videos be?

Videos are not uploaded to our portal, so the format and size we would recommend is good quality for a streaming service like Vimeo or YouTube. Typically 1920 x 1080 HD resolution is good for most circumstances

We add the videos to the stands, including the autoplay video on the stand itself, by using the YouTube or Vimeo embed code. This includes us dealing with the resizing of the video on the stand itself, and arranging the autoplay parameters.

My stand video isn’t playing automatically, what might the issue be?

For videos on Vimeo, autoplay is not (at the time of writing) supported on free accounts.

If you would like to host your video on the Virtual Expo Vimeo channel FREE OF CHARGE, please let us have access to it (eg via Dropbox, WeTransfer etc) and let us know via a support ticket and we will do that for you.

For videos on YouTube, there are restrictions on autoplay for android and iOS devices. We are working on some code for a special player for YouTube videos which answers the issue of mobile devices in most cases.

I am having difficulty uploading my welcome audio file, how can this be resolved?

If you can’t upload your audio file, please let us know via a support ticket and you can send us the file which we can re-encode for you in a format which we will upload

The reason behind this issue appears to relate to the system on which audio is recorded. So for example .m4a audio files recorded on iOS and Android devices seem to upload OK, whereas .m4a files recorded using the Windows audio recorder can be problematic, as they include information in their properties that fails the upload security checks.

Occasionally this is also true for .mp3 files, but we have found that .wav files seem to be OK.

How do I create cover images for the PDFs on my stand?

If you have access to a graphics package and knowledge of, or someone with knowledge of, using it, all we need are JPEG files (*.jpg filename format) sized at 250 pixels wide by 355 pixels tall. We use this size to help standardise display across different devices and screen sizes.

The leaflet display stand will show 1 cover image, but once a visitor clicks on it to view your available brochures, all PDFs and their associated covers will be displayed.

We recommend that you make the covers in a way that clearly states what the associated PDF subject matter is, so visitors know which PDFs are most useful to them to view.

I want to be able to get visitors to book an online chat – how do I set up a Calendly link?

​1. The first thing to do is go to the Calendly website and set up a free Individual account (one for each member of your team, if you want to set up links to different calendars)

​2. ​You can then set up an event (most people have given it a name connected with POPAIexpo, just to make it easy) – this link will take you through the process step by step:

​​3. You will end up with a link to this event, that you can share in various ways – just send me the link(s) and we’ll put it/them into your stand in the Get in Touch area.

​​NOTE: If you set up different event links for different members of your team, just tell me which link should go with which team member.

On the live days, how do I staff my stand?

In general, for most exhibitors, this is where the tawk.to live chat service comes in.

To be able to take live chat enquiries from your stand using tawk.to, you must be logged in to your tawk.to dashboard. Unlike a real event, it actually doesn’t matter if you are logged in to the event venue and on your stand at all – other than perhaps to be able to talk though any PDFs, videos or other information on your stand with a visitor.

For any other forms of communication you publish on your stand, the key thing is to be available on the other end of those connections, be it phone, email, face-to-face channels like zoom or Microsoft Teams, or a scheduling calendar.

What’s the best way to set up tawk.to?

The first thing to do if you don’t already have a tawk.to account is to set one up.

We have step-by-step instructions on page 10 of the Stand Build Checklist which you can see here and which covers the following steps:

  • Sign up
  • Language Selection
  • Setting up the first Property – you can add further properties later, eg for your own website
  • Inviting additional Team Members – the rule of thumb is to have one account per team member that will be staffing your stand so they can log in separately and help answer any incoming chats.
  • Install Widget, including sending us the code we need to add it to your site
  • Take a Tour of the dashboard

There is a short introductory video to tawk.to on vimeo

In addition, tawk.to have an excellent help guide here